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Welcome to Season 4

When I started this podcast in 2019, I just wanted to share our story. All things Paige (now 19) triumphs, struggles and all the in-between. The podcast started to evolve and I wanted to have friends on to tell their stories. Vanessa was on Episode 2!

Vanessa and I have been friends for years, we chat about many things, we go on adventures, have meals together and most importantly understand each others struggles and give love support when needed. The episode she was on, was taped in my car on my iPhone. We chatted so long the phone showed the "heat warning".

I took the summer off taping the podcast because I needed a break. I had recorded 100 episodes over the past 3 years. I was debating letting the podcast go, I had taken on waaaay too many projects. One of them being Paige's Pantry. My mind was full, my time was full.

But (always seems to be one) I just could not let my little project go. I needed a refresh. The first person that came to mind as a co-host, drum roll... VANESSA SURPRISE!

I knew Vanessa would be great! Hell, we both love to talk. The perfect combo, two moms in a pod, two women on a rollercoaster, giving the world our laughter and our tears...

all the metaphors.

So, Welcome Friends, to Season 4 of the Autism Mastermind Podcast. We are glad you found us.

With love and Kindness,

Malinda Dalton-Cook

Mom to Paige

Wife to former co-host, Chad

Co-host Autism Mastermind Podcast

Founder, CEO Paige's Pantry

Controller of the Chaos

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