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Musings As Autism Mastermind Mom Vanessa Turns 43

Ten Lessons as I turn 43. So much wiser than I was at 33 or even 23. As I reflect on this past year I know it has made me stronger, more compassionate, and steady in my convictions. 42 was filled with challenges which taught me:

1. My parents are not perfect and neither am I. They love me the best way they can and I am incredibly lucky.

2. My children are getting older and figuring out who they are. It is time to guide them the best way I can. Even my 16 year old with autism.

3. I left a job I truly enjoyed until my son needed me more then FedEx. If I am honest the Covid restrictions took away a lot of the joy I felt there and being free of that has been life changing. I miss my friends I made along the way but still see them when I can. Thank you Cormac for forcing me to grow.

4. That I have beautiful friendships that come from different phases of my life and they all bless me in different ways. Thank you to the ones who carried me through this year.

5. That I can re invent myself because I am a positive, powerful human who is unabashedly unafraid. That I need to use that power to bring love and light into the world.

6. That I have the best siblings that I get to call best friends. My parents always told me they will be your first and best friends and to honor them always.

7. To be grateful for my first marriage to Kevin because he gave me two incredible daughters and loved me how he knew how.

8.That Doug truly, deeply loves me and our family. He is always there whether life is shining or drowning. I hope to spend the rest of my life loving him.

9. That being around fellow humans who inspire and live without fear is what I need so much now. We will lead with light and love. We will shift things.

10. That most of all it is important to love yourself. Living and loving myself will be the best gift I can give anyone; including myself. I can live and exist anywhere as long as I can do this first. Being born with a last name like Surprise makes me unique. I intend to honor that.


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