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Confessions of a Caregiver: One Mother's Perspective...


We have become SO isolated during the pandemic. Autism is already isolating, especially with puberty bringing rage issues. We already have no family in the area. And friends weren't being as cautious as we were while the pandemic was raging (and still a large gap now). So we were uncomfortable risking get-togethers of any kind. Further isolation. Now, we are only willing to do outdoor get-togethers with the Delta variant raging, but our friends are (still) engaging in travel and working in offices. With our situation, not having family and not having reliable respite and therapy programs, if one of us were to be sick even for a week, it would spell disaster for my husband's tiny company (they'd most likely go out of business) as well as our family. This further isolates us from the world. Some of our friends have moved on and excluded us from their lives, not even calling or texting anymore. I suppose it's possible that we represent a caution that we don't mean to indicate is right for anyone but our own family. We aren't judging anyone else's decisions to deal with this crazy time in their own way! But I think some see our decision to handle our lives super cautiously as a condemnation of the way they are handling it. We realize our situation is very different, and calls for different measures from most. We aren't thinking anyone else needs to behave this way, but still, it is just so isolating. I don't see any real solutions at this time.

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