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Let's come together as autism parents, care providers and professionals and discuss ways to make our lives and our children's lives exceptional. Follow along with our personal journey raising our adult daughter and everyone we meet along the way.

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My husband and I started a podcast to document our lives raising our daughter who is on the autism spectrum. We talk about the past, present and building her future without sugarcoating the details. Both of us want her to have an exceptional, fulfilling and safe future.  After starting the podcast we found others to share their stories on our platform. One evening I was brainstorming ideas and wondered why we didn’t have a group in our community that comes together IRL to chat about our children's futures. Something that is not affiliated with any groups or organizations.  

That is when I realized, "We are all Autism Masterminds" all of my friends going through similar situations with so much knowledge. I bet they are willing to share with others. So I went on social media, set up a meeting, found a spot to meet and sent out an invite. 



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